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Here are some links I thought useful:

Feel free to contact me personally with any questions you might have. Wikipedia:About, Wikipedia:Help desk, and Wikipedia:Village pump are also a place to go for answers to general questions. You can sign your name by typing 4 tildes, like this: ~~~~.

Be Bold!

Sam_Spade (talk · contribs) 01:53, 12 Jan 2005 (UTC)

Hey, any chance you can slide over to Talk:Battlestar Galactica (2003) and see if we can resolve this content issue without constantly reverting each other? —Neuropedia 10:46, 2005 Mar 31 (UTC)

Author of an upcoming book on Festivus wants to get ahold of you


Cantstandya, I am in touch with Allen Salkin the author of an article on Festivus, who's working on a book on Fetivus -- I've helped him with a wikipedia related matter in the past, and he asked me if I could help him figure out how to get in touch with you to ask you about the origins of the 'Oh Festivus' song. I didn't know of any way to do so except commenting here. If you'd be willing to share an email address or real world contact information, please contact me at edheil at fastmail dot fm and I'll forward. Time sensitive. Only a few days before the book goes to press. Danke!

Hi, sorry I can't email you. I saw your other message, but am reluctant to email due to the numerous malicious people that inhabit this site. Basically, several of the local FM stations were talking about Festivus, and observances in homes and bars. I attended a festivus celebration in a friends home, and later we went to a bar in Dallas for further Festivizing. I was fairly buzzed by that time, but I thought I heard people singing "Oh Canada." It turned out to be "Oh Festivus". I jotted down the words as best I could on a bar napkin. More to follow - fire alarm just went off in building. / Can'tStandYa

OK - back again. No fire - just smoke. ANYWAY, we joined the crowd and asked some questions about the new song. There were various claims of authorship by different people, and various different wordings. After a while most folks agreed on one version, and I posted it on the site recently. This experience turned into a pub crawl, visiting at least four other bars and singing the Festivus song. We should have brought our pole with us. Luckily I was not driving, as the night just gets fuzzier and fuzzier. I woke up the next day with a splitting headache and the words to "Oh Festivus" on a bar napkin in my jeans. My only claim to fame in this whole thing, is that I was the only one that new the real words and cadence to "O Canada", and this was useful in writing down the modified version. (It also helped in getting some of the singers in tune.) / Can'tStandYa

VfD voting


Please do not use multiple accounts for voting on the same matter. That is a clear violation of the policy on sock puppets, wikipedia:sock puppet. -Willmcw 07:00, August 16, 2005 (UTC)